Basin’s Backyard Garden contributes produce to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Café


Bill Baer, Andrea Diehl, Della Mastel, Ashley Sundquist, Lori Goetzfridt, and Sabrina Hojian with the veggies harvested.

Basin’s Backyard Garden had a successful harvest on July 26. The veggies harvested were zucchini, lettuce, basil, kohlrabi, and a few beets. The weighted total came out to be 44 pounds of veggies.

The veggies harvested were donated to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe in Bismarck, North Dakota. Heaven’s Helpers is a Soup Cafe that is open to anyone Monday through Saturday. They serve meals completely free of charge to anyone who walks through the door.

Mark Meier, the founder of Heaven’s Helpers, was excited to receive the donation. “These zucchini will go perfect for the soup we make here,” he says.


SDREA Youth Excursion tours Basin’s Backyard Garden

The 2019 South Dakota Rural Electric Association (SDREA) Youth Excursion participants toured Basin Electric facilities July 24-25.

Included in the tour was a glimpse into Basin’s Backyard Garden.

SDREA offers the Youth Excursion to its cooperative students annually.

Learn more about the SDREA Youth Excursion below:

Basin Electric donates three-pound zucchini to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe from Basin’s Backyard Garden

Harvest season has officially begun at Basin’s Backyard Garden. The goods were donated to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Café in Bismarck.

The veggies donated consisted of 5.8 pounds of kohlrabi, radishes, and one massive zucchini.

To whoever sprinkled some urea from our Great Plains Synfuels Plant on the zucchini, we are on to you!

KX News spotlights Basin’s Backyard Garden

The activity in the Basin’s Backyard Garden did not slow down after planting day on May 29. KX News paid a visit to the garden on May 30.

View the story here:

NRECA features Basin’s Backyard Garden

National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association featured Basin’s Backyard Garden in their weekly newsletter. Here is a short excerpt with a link to the full article, Co-op Volunteers Are Making Friends and Easing Hunger With Community Garden.

Lindsey Chumley, Bill Baer, Chris Gessele, Tammy Langerud, Lori Goetzfridt and Tracey Krusi are among the volunteers who worked on Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s community garden program in 2018.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative employees are tapping into North Dakota’s rich agricultural heritage as part of their commitment to help fight hunger in communities around Bismarck.

A community garden on the generation and transmission cooperative’s headquarters campus is managed entirely by co-op volunteers and produces hundreds of pounds of fresh produce for area food pantries each year.

“We plant the garden right around Memorial Day. I start working with our facilities staff to determine needs for the year in April,” said Tracie Bettenhausen, a senior staff writer/editor in Basin Electric’s communications department.

Bettenhausen holds an organizational meeting in the spring as soil temperatures edge toward planting range. Keep reading…