Basin’s Backyard Garden planting day/time change

We decided to postpone planting until next Monday after learning this week that the sprinklers won’t be up and running until Monday.

The sprinklers are our only real, large-scale source of moisture, other than Mother Nature, and the ground is extremely dry. Not good for young plants! (We’re not counting on the rainy forecast. That said, if by making this decision it causes it to rain, we’re happy!)

We will now plan to plant the garden at 4 p.m. on Monday, June 2. Here’s to giving our young garden a sure-thing, fighting chance.


Basin Electric’s garden is growing

We posted this on our public blog yesterday. Check it out!

Basin Electric: Live Wire

Basin's Backyard Garden A crew began moving dirt and tilling Basin’s Backyard Garden May 21. Soon the fresh black soil will be home to twenty crops.

Basin's Backyard Garden The 26 foot by 70 foot garden will be taken care of by more than 25 garden volunteers.

There has been a lot of growth with Basin Electric’s garden throughout the last few weeks.

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, we first announced we would be planting a garden on our lawn.

Since then, we asked our garden volunteers to help name the garden. Employees offered possible names and volunteers cast their votes. The winning name was Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Next, we asked the volunteers to choose the top twenty vegetables they’d like to grow in the garden. Here’s a list of the planned crops.

Basin's Backyard Garden The garden will be located near where we decorated the first Christmas tree a couple of years back, beside the electrical outlet and…

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Volunteers plan Basin’s Backyard Garden layout

Garden Layout

Click on the image for a garden map.

Several volunteers put their gardening expertise to use yesterday morning in a meeting to map out Basin’s Backyard Garden.

The volunteers were careful to arrange the garden so that the right plants will receive enough sun throughout the day. They also made sure the plants that will be closest to each other are compatible. Check out the rough draft of the garden in the image. Thanks to Andrew Brown, Basin Electric power supply engineer I, for his drawing expertise!

The volunteers determined there should be some walkways within the garden. The plan is that a group of volunteers will lay down landscape fabric and then pile on mulch that facilities will dump by the garden next Tuesday.

“Laying down the wood chips is going to be work, but it’s for Basin’s garden and we want it to look good,” Deb Levchak, Basin Electric senior staff counsel, says. “It’ll be worth it.”

If you would like to help stake down the fabric, and spread the mulch on the fabric on Tuesday (May 27) at 5 p.m., let Tracie Bettenhausen know at

And don’t forget, we plant next Friday at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Ellefson spices up the garden

Steve Ellefson

Steve Ellefson, Basin Electric chief auditor, donated 36 pepper plants to Basin’s Backyard Garden.

After keeping up a garden at home for many years, one Basin Electric employee decided to do something different that wouldn’t require as much work. For a few years now, Steve Ellefson, chief auditor, has been starting seeds indoors and then giving them to family, friends and co-workers.

“It’s one way my wife and I are able to celebrate spring without having to take care of a big garden. It’s easier and I like being able to share the plants with everyone,” Ellefson says.

Ellefson donated 36 of his pepper plants to Basin’s Backyard Garden. “I began planting them in early March. When I found out about the garden I knew it would be a fun place to watch the peppers grow,” Ellefson says. “It’ll be a good home for them.”

Ellefson gave a variety of different kinds of pepper plants to the garden including jalapenos, habaneros, California Wonders and Carolina Reapers. “The California Wonders are a sweeter pepper and the Carolina Reapers are supposed to be hotter than habanero peppers. This is the first year I’ve done any of those,” Ellefson says.

Soon the pepper plants will move from their cozy cups by the window sill to a plot of fresh black soil on the front lawn.

Moving the dirt for the garden will begin tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The Basin Electric garden now has a name!

Spring has sprung and the garden is growing! Well, maybe not physically (yet), but we have established its name.

Employees offered possible names for our community garden over the past couple weeks and there were three clear favorites: Basin’s Victory Garden, Tasty Acres, and Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Employees cast their votes last week for their favorite and the winner is … (Drumroll, please!) … Basin’s Backyard Garden!

Just as you may relax in your backyard at home, we hope you will enjoy the time spent in our community garden with your colleagues, family and friends.

Stay tuned for more posts about how Basin’s Backyard Garden is growing!

Basin's backyard garden

Basin’s backyard garden

What will grow in Basin’s garden?

Survey results are in!

We asked volunteers to choose the top 20 vegetables they’d like to grow in the garden.

Cucumber - studious

Here is the list of our planned crops! Wonder how it’s going to work to have pumpkins AND watermelon vining around? If you have any go-to solutions for that, make a comment here!

Cherry Tomatoes
Green Beans
Roma Tomatoes
Beefeater Tomatoes
Herb Section
Winter Squash
Pear Tomatoes