Weeding on a wonderful June day

Some Basin’s Backyard Gardeners took their afternoon break to do some weeding. Temperatures are in the mid-70s, and the soil is soft from last night’s 1-inch rainfall, so conditions couldn’t have been better for the back-breaking labor. Advertisements

Last Basin’s Backyard Garden donation of 2017 goes to Faith City Chapel

The final harvest at Basin’s Backyard Garden on Oct. 25 yielded 52 pounds of veggie goodness. So, in 2017, that’s 213.5 pounds of food donated to local food pantries from Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Lori Goetzfridt and Tracie Bettenhausen harvested potatoes, tomatoes, celery, swiss chard, onions, peppers, and a couple more eggplants.

The tomatoes were especially beautiful, though we didn’t capture any photos.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Our final harvest of 2017.

We usually make our donations at noon, but that wasn’t in the cards on this day. Since this was going to be an after-work donation, we checked out the Hunger Free ND list of centers that will accept garden produce. There was one open until 7 p.m. that night – Hope on the Horizon Faith City Chapel. A quick phone call to the number on the list gave us the answer we needed – they were happy to accept our vegetables that night.

Faith City Chapel

The servers dishing out their Wednesday night meal. Learn more about their service on their Facebook page.

Faith City Chapel

Faith City Chapel, facing Memorial Highway.

Faith City Chapel is located on Memorial Highway in Bismarck. Along with holding church services, the chapel hosts a free meal every Monday and Wednesday night. When we got there, the servers were right in the middle of serving supper.

They were so appreciative of the vegetables, and we were happy to find a new spot to start donating our garden goodness in 2018.

Late in the year, but Basin’s Backyard Garden still producing

Basin's Backyard Garden

The whole gang, together again.

Today, 37 pounds of cucumbers, jalepenos, banana peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and onions were harvested in Basin’s Backyard Garden.

If we’re being truthful, we could’ve also harvested kale and lettuce as well.

The harvest went to Ruth Meiers Hospitality House.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Gorgeous red tomatoes.

Basin's Backyard Garden


Basin's Backyard Garden


Basin's Backyard Garden

Swiss chard, eggplant, and peppers.

Ruth Meier Hospitality House gets garden goodness from Basin’s Backyard Garden

Basin's Backyard Garden


Over the last week, the Basin’s Backyard Gardeners have done two harvests and two donations to Ruth Meiers Hospitality House.

On Aug. 23, gardeners harvested 41 pounds of cucumbers, green beans, jalapenos, kale, lettuce, and celery.

On Aug. 29, gardeners harvested 38 pounds of potatoes, cucumbers, green beans, kale, lettuce, swiss chard, and eggplant.

So far this year, that’s 124.5 pounds of produce harvested and donated to local food pantries.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Donation to Ruth Meiers Hospitality House.

Basin's Backyard Garden

A hearty harvest. Lindsey DeKrey, Della Mastel, Lori Goetzfridt, and Lori Leier.

Magazine uses Basin’s Backyard Garden to shoot their video promo

Inspired Woman Magazine

Marci Narum and Jody Kerzman, editors of Inspired Woman Magazine, shoot the promo for their current issue at the garden.

Our garden made a beautiful backdrop for the video promo done for the August 2017 issue of Inspired Woman Magazine.

Then, they shot a second video with coordinator Tracie Bettenhausen. Thanks to Marci Narum and Jody Kerzman for the attention!

Read the story about Basin’s Backyard Garden in Inspired Woman Magazine: Cooperation grows abundantly

First harvest of 2017 goes to senior center

Basin’s Backyard Gardeners are putting their backs into it.

Despite heroic efforts, the garden hadn’t been fully weeded in weeks. So volunteers dug in and got about half of the weeds destroyed at the same time they did the first garden harvest.

The lettuce has really come back from the brink, so gardeners harvested that, plus kale, banana peppers, beans, and an accidental red onion.

Five-and-a-half pounds of produce went to the Burleigh County Senior Center. They usually get our first harvest of radishes each year. This year’s radishes aren’t doing so hot, but they were still thankful for all the goodness we delivered.

Burleigh County Senior Center

Bonnie Lund (back), Burleigh County Senior Center volunteer coordinator, accepts vegetables from Tracie Bettenhausen and Anine Lambert.

Basin’s Backyard Garden planting gets media attention

On May 24, Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers picked up the shovels, seed packets, and plants, and put a summer’s worth of goodness into the soil for the garden’s fourth year.

The produce grown in the garden is donated to local food pantries. To date, about 2,000 pounds of fresh vegetables have been donated.

Both KXMB CBS 12 and KFYR-TV visited the garden during planting, and ran stories on the nightly news. Click on the images below to watch.

Stick with us all summer to watch the garden grow!