First look at the freshly tilled garden

Crews were here yesterday to add the expansion to the garden, and till it all. Watch the video to see it in all its glory!


Crops committee crafts garden map

A committee of gardeners mapped out where the crops will be planted during the 2015 Basin’s Backyard Garden season. To see a list of voted-on-and-approved crops, visit the previous blog post.

Check out the map below. If you click on it, it’ll expand the image so you can read the labels. We’re using the website Smart Gardener to map our garden. It’s a powerful tool, and can document much more detail than we probably need. It can keep track of where and what you planted in your garden for future years, keeps track of specific varieties, tells you when you should plant based on your location, etc. It was fun to try out, and maybe we’ll get really good at using it for future gardens.

Stay tuned for a future blog post explaining the “three sisters” method of planting we’ll do for the corn, beans and squash.

You’ll notice one of the squares says “flower variety.” This is something new. Because of our expansion and “three sisters” method, we have some extra room. We thought we’d plant some interesting veggies (eggplant, celery), but decided to add a splash of color. We’re planning to plant annuals here, primarily for cutting. We thought maybe when we do our donations, we could include a little bouquet sometimes as well.

Big cheers to the gardeners who helped out with this: Sheila Renner, Deb Levchak, Andrew Brown and Lindsey DeKrey.

A map showing the areas crops will be planted this year.

We’ve chosen our crops for 2015

garden planting 1

Last year’s planting.

Here’s what we’ll be planting this year, as voted on by garden volunteers.

Italian Basil

Vining fruits and veggies

Root veggies
Russet potatoes
Purple potatoes

Leafy veggies
Saladbowl variety

For this category, we’ll play it by ear a little bit. If we have extra room, we will add more as we see fit.
Bell peppers

Basin’s Backyard gardeners get together to talk about what worked, what didn’t

Garden volunteers got together Apr. 7 to get ready for the new garden season.

Here are some things that will be a little different in the garden this year.

1. The garden will be expanding! Tracie Bettenhausen and Darrell Schultz will be heading out soon to determine exactly how far, but more than likely it’ll expand on the side toward the Headquarters building. The fence will be built around the whole new garden. We won’t be building new walkways through the expanded part of the garden. We’re thinking that’s where the vining plants will go.
2. There will a water spigot down by the garden so that we’ll have a water source. There will also be a garbage can! Three cheers for convenient utilities!
3. We’ll get some Basin Electric canvas bags to put in the toolbox down by the garden, for when we harvest. We will also get a small Basin Electric towel to hang on the fence for drying off hands, and some fabric gloves for anybody to use. Speaking of the toolbox, we’ll get some wire to hold the toolbox shut.
4. We talked about only have one tomato plant that has cherry/pear/grape tomatoes, because they ripen too fast for us to get to them by the time they’re too ripe.
5. Also, we want to have a wider variety of peppers this year. More bell peppers, not quite so many jalepenos.

Next steps: Gardeners will be voting on the crops that will be planted this year. A committee will get together to map out where everything will be planted.

We’re hoping to plant before Memorial Day!

Be a gardener in Basin’s Backyard Garden

Gardening season is mere weeks away! It feels too good to be true.

We’re starting to think about what we will grow in this year’s garden. We need volunteers to make it work! You need not have prior gardening experience. In fact, that’s part of what makes Basin’s Backyard Garden so neat – you’ll learn from master gardeners and last year’s volunteers. Also, it doesn’t have to be a major time commitment. Once crops are growing, we send out a call for harvesters about once every week or two.

If you’d like to volunteer in the garden this year, employees will meet in 5th South on April 7 at 2:30 p.m. We’re getting together to see how many volunteers we can expect this year, and to talk about what we’d like to do this year.