Forty pound harvest with flowers and fliers

Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers had a beautiful helper today. Thank to gardener Lori Goetzfridt for capturing this butterfly before it flitted off.

The gardeners picked cucumbers, beans, lettuce, kale, peas, eggplant, and banana peppers today. Along with one gardener’s donation from home, the total weight was 40 pounds of garden goodness! The donation went to Community Action Program Region VII.

Remember, if you have produce in your garden you’d like to donate, the Hunger Free Garden Project has a list of pantries accepting produce.

Basin's Backyard Garden

The gardeners doing the dirty work.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Today’s gardeners: Chris Gessele, Bill Baer, Lindsey DeKrey, Della Mastel, and Lori Goetzfridt.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Lori Goetzfridt designed this beautiful bouquet using flowers grown in our garden.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Anine Lambert (right) delivered the produce to Community Action Program Region VII. Kim Janssen, administrative assistant, was happy to accept.


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