Final harvest of 2016 in Basin’s Backyard Garden

Basin's Backyard Garden

Green tomatoes, ripening up for delivery to Community Action Program Region VII!

With possible frost looming at the end of the week, Basin’s Backyard gardeners decided to bring in everything left in the garden. And a hefty harvest it was: 93.6 pounds of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, eggplant, sweet potatoes, corn, and a little bit of lettuce.

Many of the tomatoes are still green. Community Action Program Region VII took several of the green tomatoes, but we’ll let most of them ripen up and then take them to the food pantry when they’re ready.

Our trusty spreadsheet shows we harvested 964.7 pounds of veggies in Basin’s Backyard Garden this season. We’re still deciding what to do with our pumpkins and cornstalks. In the past, we’ve made a festive display at the front of Headquarters. Stay tuned!

Basin's Backyard Garden

Casey Jacobson, pushing brussels sprouts off their stem.

Basin's Backyard Garden

We love brussels sprouts close-ups.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Chris Gessele, searching out tomatoes.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Lindsey DeKrey, finding the last of the tomatoes.


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