Passerby joins crew to harvest potatoes and celery

Crystal Rafferty and Tracie Bettenhausen were dutifully digging up potatoes when a passerby walked up to the garden fence.

“Do you guys need help? I was just out for a walk.”

And that’s how Judy Hojian became the newest Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteer.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Judy Hojian and Crystal Rafferty, showing off a bag full of potatoes and a lovely bunch of celery.

The trio pulled vines and weeds, lifted the soil, and picked the potatoes from the ground. After that, they plucked up all the remaining celery.

In total, they harvested 105 pounds of knoepfla soup ingredients.

Why so specific? When Tracie dropped the vegetables off at the Salvation Army, that’s what the ladies waiting outside said they would make if they were lucky enough to get a bunch of celery.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Carol Isaak, Salvation Army volunteer, and Anna Leet, Salvation Army volunteer coordinator.


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