First harvest of 2016: Radishes, lettuce and beet greens

Today was sort of a last-minute, get-er-done kind of day.

Since the hand-watering was coming to an end due to a temporary sprinkler system installed, volunteers had been taking a breather.

But today we finally got the mulch spread out onto the walkways (thanks to Erin Huntimer!) so they feel like real walkways again, got a nice big chunk of weeding done (thanks to Lori Leier and Jill Steinwand – not pictured!), and harvested some radishes, lettuce and beet greens.

The beet greens were harvested simply because we needed to thin out the beets.

Our total donation was only five pounds, but the folks at the Burleigh County Senior Center were happy to see our greens come in the door today (thanks to Andrea Blowers for making the donation!).


Erin Huntimer, Tracie Bettenhausen and Andrea Blowers weigh the veggies before donation.


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