Flurry of fingers plant Basin’s Backyard Garden

In about 45 minutes, Basin’s Backyard Garden went from freshly tilled soil to fully-planted garden.

Thirty-nine first and second graders from Highland Acres Elementary School in Bismarck, ND, helped garden volunteers plant the garden on May 26.

While one class was planting, the other got to paint pictures with fruits and vegetables and plant seeds in cups to take home.

Many thanks to the dedicated volunteers who not only took the time to help prepare and plant, but also patiently helped the kids learn a little more about how their food grows.

Make sure to follow our progress all summer at #basingarden!


Off the the bus and anxious to plant!


Casey Jacobson, Basin Electric senior staff counsel, planting kohlrabi.


Celery makes an appearance again in Basin’s Backyard Garden!


Lindsey DeKrey, Basin Electric communications and media specialist, planting peppers.


Lori Leier, Basin Electric tax analyst II, picking through seeds.


The veggies, fruit and paint made beautiful artwork.


It’s fun to paint with celery!


Planting a seed in a cup to take home.


Highland Acres first grade class. The second graders came along, too!

The Basin's Backyard Gardeners

The Basin’s Backyard Gardeners!


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