Glee in giving at Basin’s Backyard Garden

Today, Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers harvested 51 pounds of good food: eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and peppers.

The donation went to the Community Action Program Region VII. Do you notice something special in this photo?

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Dawnell Hettich, Community Action Program Region VII food coordinator, accepts a Basin’s Backyard Garden donation with Erin Huntimer, garden volunteer.

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Glee in giving.

It was a gleeful donation. Not only were we giving to people who really need this food, but we got to meet Dawnell Hettich, the program’s new food coordinator.

The food tends to go extra quickly on Fridays, because the weekend is coming, school is out, and the children in our community don’t necessarily have enough to eat at home on the weekends all the time.

Thanks to programs like this one for taking our food and making sure it gets to those who need it!

Community Action Program Region VII

This morning, this cart at Community Action Program Region VII was completely full of cucumbers. By lunchtime, this is what was left. We helped add more to the supply today!

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Volunteers Lori Leier and Effie Carr, checking to make sure we didn’t miss any corn.

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Look at all that color!

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

There are still more carrots out there.

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Weighing the 51 pounds of good food for delivery.


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