Soup ingredients top list of Basin’s Backyard Garden donations this week

Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers harvested 136.9 pounds of vegetables today for donation! The treasure went to the Burleigh County Emergency Food Pantry. The volunteer at the food pantry even took the time to change into her food pantry t-shirt for a photo.

We dug up potatoes and beets, took some of our successful celery, and picked tomatoes, peppers, beans, basil, parsley, onions and cucumbers.

Unfortunately, it looks like our tomatoes are suffering from bottom rot (scroll down to see pictures). And the cabbage and broccoli appear to have succumbed to bugs. Better luck next year!

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Casey Jacobson took the donation to the Burleigh County Emergency Food Pantry.

Basin's Backyard Garden celery

Deb Levchak excited about celery.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Today’s harvest totaled 136.9 pounds!

Basin's Backyard Garden beans

Lori Leier and the beans.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Sheila Renner took care of the cucumbers.

Basin's Backyard Garden peppers

Casey Jacobson picking peppers.

Basin's Backyard Garden potatoes

Tracie Bettenhausen digs up some potatoes.

Basin's Backyard Garden tomatoes

Della Mastel checking out the tomatoes.

Basin's Backyard Garden

We have what appears to be bottom rot on our tomatoes.


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