Salvation Army ‘super excited’ for Basin’s Backyard Garden produce

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Della Mastel, Effie Carr, Lori Leier, Casey Jacobson, Sheila Renner, Lacy Brousseau and Lori Goetzfridt, with the harvest.

Salvation Army donation

Donating to the Salvation Army.

Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers braved a windy day to bring in 23 pounds of produce Tuesday. They harvested one tomato, some peppers, lettuce, basil, beets, cucumbers, snow peas, beans and parsley.

Casey Jacobson, Sheila Renner and Deb Levchak took the goods to the Salvation Army for Hunger Free ND.

“The Salvation Army was super excited,” Jacobson says. “They said they had a drop off this morning and the produce was gone in half an hour. While we were there for the short time, several people were in asking for food so we know the food is going to such a good cause!”

Lori Goetzfridt

Lori Goetzfridt checking out the tomatoes.

Casey Jacobson

Casey Jacobson in the cucumbers.

Lacy Brousseau

Lacy Brousseau searching out snow peas.

Lori Leier

Lori Leier wrangling the beets.

Sheila and Lori

Sheila Renner and Lori Goetzfridt picking through the beans.


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