Friday harvest puts veggies on a bread shelf

Basin's Backyard Garden volunteers

Big group helping out on Friday over lunch!

We had a big group of volunteers at Basin’s Backyard Garden on Friday over lunch. We harvested the remainder of the radishes, a lot of lettuce and herbs, a little spinach, and dug up one potato plant to see if we had b-sized potatoes yet. (The answer: not really.)

All told, the harvest was only eight pounds worth, but it was mostly leafy greens!

Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Della Mastel, Basin Electric accounting analyst III, delivered our donation to Brenda Sather and Joey Huber at Community Action Program Region VII.

Della Mastel volunteered to take the produce to Community Action Program Region VII. Brenda Sather, executive director, and Joey Huber, case manager, accepted the donations with many thanks. Sather says the garden vegetables go to low income households through the “bread shelf.” The bread shelf is different from the food pantry in that everything on the bread shelf is perishable. She says the families love to come in and see fresh vegetables on the shelf, and usually reach for those items first.

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Jill Steinwand and Lacy Brousseau cutting and separating cilantro, parsley and basil.

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Erin Huntimer and Tammy Langerud collecting the last of the radishes.

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Effie Carr with our little potatoes. Not quite ready for prime time!

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Della Mastel thinning out the carrots.

Basin's Backyard Garden harvest

Darlene Steffen and Amy Spilman take care of lettuce and herbs.


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