First harvest of 2015 goes to senior adults program



We just made our first harvest of 2015. It’s a pretty exhilarating feeling. You completely fill one bag, then another. Then another. It’s hard to believe how many leafy greens can grow in one space.

Casey Jacobson, Basin Electric senior staff counsel, Della Mastel, Basin Electric accounting analyst III, and Sheila Renner, Basin Electric administrative assistant II, all pitched in over their lunch hour today.

Casey harvested spinach, cilantro, parsley and lettuce. Della and Sheila worked on thinning beets and harvesting and thinning radishes. All told, we weighed 28.5 pounds of veggie goodness for donation!

First harvest of 2015

Casey, Della and Sheila with the overflowing bags.

The goods went to Burleigh County Senior Adults Program. Since it was over the lunch break, lots of people were right there in the area where they place the Hunger Free ND Garden Project donations.

One woman said, “Oh, it’s been years since I’ve had radishes.”

What a good deal that Basin’s Backyard Garden could give her a taste of the good old days.

First harvest of 2015

Sheila Renner and Casey Jacobson drop off donations with Renee Kipp at Burleigh County Senior Adults Program.

First harvest of 2015

Casey Jacobson, harvesting leafy greens.

First harvest of 2015

Della Mastel, taking on beets and radishes.

First harvest of 2015

Sheila Renner, racking up radishes.


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