Crops emerge in Basin’s Backyard Garden

We stopped down by the garden to get a look at how the crops are coming along.

Crops are popping up! And it appears some garden elves have been taking care of the weeds.

Here are some photos showing the progress.

Basin's Backyard Garden corn

Corn, which will be the stakes and fence, for the Three Sisters way of planting we’re going to try.

Basin's Backyard Garden beans


Basin's Backyard Garden flowers

Flowers – not sure if these are all flowers in this row, or if some are weeds.

Basin's Backyard Garden potatoes

Potatoes doing well. Note those marigolds in the background.

Basin's Backyard Garden pumpkins

Pumpkins looking strong.

Basin's Backyard Garden radishes

Rows of radishes.

Basin's Backyard Garden sunflower

Some strategically placed sunflowers will offer a pretty impact from afar.

Basin's Backyard Garden cucumber

Cucumbers coming along.


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