Highland Acres kids, worms, and a new garden planted

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

We had helpers to get the 2015 Basin’s Backyard Garden planted! First graders from Highland Acres Elementary got some dirt under their nails, right along with Basin Electric employees.

Michaela Weigel, Highland Acres first grade teacher, saw that Basin Electric took care of a garden last year, and she decided to give us a call. The students will be planting their own garden soon, and will harvest it next school year when they’re second graders.

A cute note: as soon as one of the students found a worm, they all wanted to find worms and put them in the holes with the crops. They wanted to keep the worms together with their families.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Deb Levchak, Basin Electric retiree, took on the tomatoes with her helpers.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Mary Miller, Basin Electric communications manager, led the charge in planting onions, beets and radishes.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Matt Ferderer, Basin Electric web developer II, helped these girls plant egglants.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Little peppers, donated by Steve Liebelt, Basin Electric retiree.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Della Mastel, Basin Electric accounting analyst III, planting cucumbers.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Austin Land, Basin Electric programmer, tackling potatoes.

Basin's Backyard Garden planting

Andrea Blowers, Basin Electric senior staff writer/editor, planting potatoes and refereeing worm discoveries.


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