Basin’s Backyard gardeners get together to talk about what worked, what didn’t

Garden volunteers got together Apr. 7 to get ready for the new garden season.

Here are some things that will be a little different in the garden this year.

1. The garden will be expanding! Tracie Bettenhausen and Darrell Schultz will be heading out soon to determine exactly how far, but more than likely it’ll expand on the side toward the Headquarters building. The fence will be built around the whole new garden. We won’t be building new walkways through the expanded part of the garden. We’re thinking that’s where the vining plants will go.
2. There will a water spigot down by the garden so that we’ll have a water source. There will also be a garbage can! Three cheers for convenient utilities!
3. We’ll get some Basin Electric canvas bags to put in the toolbox down by the garden, for when we harvest. We will also get a small Basin Electric towel to hang on the fence for drying off hands, and some fabric gloves for anybody to use. Speaking of the toolbox, we’ll get some wire to hold the toolbox shut.
4. We talked about only have one tomato plant that has cherry/pear/grape tomatoes, because they ripen too fast for us to get to them by the time they’re too ripe.
5. Also, we want to have a wider variety of peppers this year. More bell peppers, not quite so many jalepenos.

Next steps: Gardeners will be voting on the crops that will be planted this year. A committee will get together to map out where everything will be planted.

We’re hoping to plant before Memorial Day!


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