Basin’s Backyard Garden volunteers donate 122 lbs. to food pantry

Basin's Backyard Garden

(back row from left to right): Tammy Langerud, staff writer/editor; Darlene Steffan, administrative assistant III; Sabrina Bear, network analyst I; and Sheila Renner, administrative assistant II. (front row from left to right): Chris Gessele, staff writer; and Bill Baer, network security analyst III.

Yesterday afternoon, garden volunteers weighed bag after bag of produce and were blown away by the number they saw on the scale. It read 122 lbs.! Beans, kale, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and corn all helped make up the largest single donation from Basin’s Backyard Garden to date. Garden volunteer, Sheila Renner, also added some tomatoes from her own garden to the mix.

The produce was then dropped off at the Bismarck Emergency Food Pantry. A recent article in the Bismarck Tribune highlighted the food pantry’s need for donations to feed the area’s hungry. It’s why garden volunteers thought donating there would be a good fit.

Bismarck Emergency Food Pantry volunteer, Bobbi Mitzel, was very appreciative and ecstatic when receiving the donation, she even gave the garden volunteers hugs!

Basin's Backyard Garden

Tammy Langerud (left) and Bobbi Mitzel (right) hold up some zucchini and corn from Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Tammy Langerud (left) and Bill Baer (right) try not to get lost in the corn as they gather some to donate.


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