Montessori students to learn about cooperative garden

Basin's Backyard Garden

Students from New Discovery Montessori Center will visit Basin’s Backyard Garden to learn about the cooperative garden and the vegetables that grow in it.

Thursday, Aug. 14
9:00 – 9:45 a.m.

Basin Electric Headquarters
1717 E Interstate Ave
Bismarck, ND

New Discovery Montessori Center
Students ages 3-5


  • Students will participate in activities including planting their own seed to take home and painting with vegetables from the garden.
  • Students will receive a fresh garden snack.
  • Lacie Reisenauer, teacher from New Discovery Montessori Center, will be available to discuss how visiting Basin’s Backyard Garden is coinciding with their curriculum.

About Basin’s Backyard Garden
Basin’s Backyard Garden is building community among employees, providing a source for charitable giving to local food pantries through the ND Hunger Free Garden Project, and teaching employees about cooperatives. Employees are benefiting from employee engagement, community support and the principle of commitment to community shown through cooperative engagement.


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