From Basin’s Backyard Garden to table: Jean Schafer

Basin's Backyard Garden

Lettuce wraps made from Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Wondering what to do with those veggies you’ve harvested? Jean Schafer, government relations coordinator, has been using the lettuce from Basin’s Backyard Garden for something other than salads. She’s swapping out the bread on her turkey sandwiches to make lettuce wraps. “I usually make a couple of them at a time. It’s a healthy light snack packed with lots of protein. They’re perfect for summer,” Schafer says.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Jean Schafer, governemnt relations coorindator and garden volunteer.

Enjoy some yourself! Here’s how:



Turkey, or your choice of deli meat

Sauce of your choice (ranch, mayo, mustard, etc.)



Wash and dry the lettuce leaves.

Basin's Backyard Garden

Schafer shows how to make the turkey lettuce wraps.

Spread sauce on leaf.

Place two slices of turkey in center of leaf.

Roll-up leaf to complete the wrap.

Simple. Enjoy!




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