Volunteers make room for beets

A garden volunteer noticed recently that the beets in Basin’s Backyard Garden were planted a little too closely together. A handful of volunteers took care of the problem last night by thinning out the beets. The cool, rainy weather was ideal for the operation and the transplant went well. Check out the photos below!

beet transplant

Besides a few being planted too closely together, the beets are looking healthy.

Della Mastel

Della Mastel, accounting analyst II, transplants some of the beets in Basin’s Backyard Garden.

beet transplant

The beets are the crop on the far left. Some of the beets were transplanted three rows over where there was more room to grow.

Now, we hope that the transplanted beets continue to grow. We didn’t have much to lose, since the beets were planted too closely together before and wouldn’t have grown well anyway. It’s important to keep in mind that since this is Basin’s first garden it’s a learning experience for everyone!

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