Basin’s Backyard Garden is now planted

garden planting 1

Volunteers plant the 36 pepper plants Steve Ellefson donated to Basin’s Backyard Garden.

Planning the garden? Check.
Preparing the soil? Check.
Planting the garden? Check!

Yesterday at 4 p.m.,  the rain cleared up and thirteen garden volunteers turned out to plant Basin’s Backyard Garden. It only took about an hour to plant the entire 26 foot by 70 foot plot.

We ask that volunteers help maintain the garden by checking on it once a week or so, to see if there are weeds or anything that may have gone awry.

Check out the photos below of the #basingarden volunteers hard at work!

garden planting 2

Sheila Renner, administrative assistant II, plants tomatoes. We have cherry, pear, beefeater and romas.

garden planting 3

Bill Baer, network security analyst III, and his daughter, McKenna Baer, team up to plant peppers. We learned that peppers like to touch as they grow, so we planted two to a spot.

garden planting 4

Della Mastel, accounting analyst II, plants onions.

garden planting 5

Lacy Brousseau, accounting analyst II, labels the plants.

garden planting 6

Thirteen garden volunteers worked together to plant the garden in about an hour.

garden planting 7

Containers were placed around the pepper and tomato plants to protect them from the wind.


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