Volunteers create garden walkways

Garden Volunteers

“Let’s make the caption: Fertilizing the garden.” (left to right): Chris Gessele, staff writer; Steve Crane, multimedia specialist II;  Alyssa Hermes (Gessele’s fiance); Tracie Bettenhausen, staff writer/editor; Sheila Renner, administrative assistant II; and Karen Will, multimedia specialist II.

Six garden volunteers got together after work yesterday to create the walkways within the garden. In under an hour, they measured and cut the landscape fabric, staked down the fabric, and spread mulch over the top.

Now, with the garden tilled and the walkways laid down, Basin’s Backyard Garden is ready to be planted! We will begin planting this Friday at 2 p.m. Are you ready to get dirt under your nails?

If you’d like veggies from the garden and are not a volunteer, it’s not too late to help out! Just contact Tracie Bettenhausen at tbettenhausen@bepc.com for more information.

Garden Volunteers

Will and Gessele cut the landscape fabric.


Garden Volunteers

Hermes, Gessele and Will work together to measure the landscape fabric.

Garden Volunteers

Bettenhausen and Crane team up to spread the mulch.



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