Volunteers plan Basin’s Backyard Garden layout

Garden Layout

Click on the image for a garden map.

Several volunteers put their gardening expertise to use yesterday morning in a meeting to map out Basin’s Backyard Garden.

The volunteers were careful to arrange the garden so that the right plants will receive enough sun throughout the day. They also made sure the plants that will be closest to each other are compatible. Check out the rough draft of the garden in the image. Thanks to Andrew Brown, Basin Electric power supply engineer I, for his drawing expertise!

The volunteers determined there should be some walkways within the garden. The plan is that a group of volunteers will lay down landscape fabric and then pile on mulch that facilities will dump by the garden next Tuesday.

“Laying down the wood chips is going to be work, but it’s for Basin’s garden and we want it to look good,” Deb Levchak, Basin Electric senior staff counsel, says. “It’ll be worth it.”

If you would like to help stake down the fabric, and spread the mulch on the fabric on Tuesday (May 27) at 5 p.m., let Tracie Bettenhausen know at tbettenhausen@bepc.com.

And don’t forget, we plant next Friday at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!


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