Ellefson spices up the garden

Steve Ellefson

Steve Ellefson, Basin Electric chief auditor, donated 36 pepper plants to Basin’s Backyard Garden.

After keeping up a garden at home for many years, one Basin Electric employee decided to do something different that wouldn’t require as much work. For a few years now, Steve Ellefson, chief auditor, has been starting seeds indoors and then giving them to family, friends and co-workers.

“It’s one way my wife and I are able to celebrate spring without having to take care of a big garden. It’s easier and I like being able to share the plants with everyone,” Ellefson says.

Ellefson donated 36 of his pepper plants to Basin’s Backyard Garden. “I began planting them in early March. When I found out about the garden I knew it would be a fun place to watch the peppers grow,” Ellefson says. “It’ll be a good home for them.”

Ellefson gave a variety of different kinds of pepper plants to the garden including jalapenos, habaneros, California Wonders and Carolina Reapers. “The California Wonders are a sweeter pepper and the Carolina Reapers are supposed to be hotter than habanero peppers. This is the first year I’ve done any of those,” Ellefson says.

Soon the pepper plants will move from their cozy cups by the window sill to a plot of fresh black soil on the front lawn.

Moving the dirt for the garden will begin tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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