Recap of first Basin Garden meeting

We had a good turnout at our first meeting! More than 10 volunteers were there, plus several more let us know via email they couldn’t make the meeting but wanted to help out.

Here’s a recap of what was discussed in the first meeting:


  • Should be willing to help plant on the afternoon chosen (hopefully a Friday afternoon at the end of May or early June, weather permitting).
  • Should be willing to visit the garden at least once a week to check for weeds, to see if anything has gone awry, or if harvesting needs to be done.
  • Should be willing to help harvest as need be, and finally help clean up the site at the end of the season.


  • We will be in that area right by where we decorated the first Christmas tree a couple years back. So, beside the electrical outlet and to the east. The watering will be able to be controlled there as well. Our garden will truly be on Basin Electric’s front lawn… and we will have room to expand over the years.
  • We will have a fence and gate! A tote and garden tools will be stored right next to the garden, and we will set up a picnic bench there.


  • Planning to hold several throughout the season. Something on the planting day, a harvest event, and also events to help teach employees about cooperative philosophy and the cooperative business model. The BisMan Community Food Co-op may be involved in those events.
  • Volunteers brought up the idea of possibly using the produce in the Headquarters cafeteria. Volunteers also brought up the idea of donating the leftover vegetation at the end of the year to places like the Dakota Zoo. Extra produce may be donated through Hunger Free ND program. All these possibilities are being vetted.

Next steps:

  • Volunteers will receive a survey to determine what crops will be grown in the garden. The survey will also include a section on naming the garden.
  • Once the crops are chosen, we will need a small group of volunteers to come up with a map of how the crops should be placed in the garden plot.
  • On planting day, we will need a small group of volunteers willing to help go out and buy the plants and seeds! If you know of someone who would like to donate any plants, please let Tracie Bettenhausen know at

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